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Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 618 - Sheboygan WI

The Chapter has members who served in the Vietnam War and are in the Sheboygan and Calumet County area. VVA 618 members served in Vietnam between 1964 and 1972 in the US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marines, US Navy.

The Chapter meets monthly except July, the location changes and check the Monthly Meeting Notes to determine the location for the next meeting. If you wish to join the VVA 618 Chapter please see the Chapter Officers - Contact Info page.

The Chapter members are active in Veterans Events in the Sheboygan area, maintenance of the Army tank in Veterans Park, VVA meetings in Wisconsin and National, have brat frys as fund raisers which provide funding for scholarships and Veteran benefits.

Chapter Officers - Contact Info

Chapter Monthly Meeting Notes

Chapter Activities

Who we were

Where we were in Vietnam

LZ Lambeau a reunion of the survivors, opportunity to share the story with family and friends

Those we lost from Sheboygan and Calumet Counties

The History of the Vietnam War